About Rainbowholic (Kaila)

I’m Kaila Ocampo,  a Filipino kawaii lifestyle blogger and content creator based in Japan. Hailing from the Philippines, I chased my kawaii dream in Japan after finishing my degree in Advertising Management in 2011. Aiming to master the language in the land of the rising sun, I spent a year at Bunka Institute of Language before working full-time at Japonisme International for more than 6 years.

A self-taught web page designer at 14 years old, I created e-commerce websites out of curiosity by tinkering html & php codes. A decade after, I founded Japan Lover Me community around the world together with some of my friends.

I also used to work as a part-time English teacher. Being a teacher here in Japan really helped me nurture my public speaking skills. Now, I create and produce my own video content about Japan, kawaii culture, journaling, stationery, arts & crafts, positivity, and all things Rainbowholic with Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Patreon, as my platforms.

Through Rainbowholic, I hope to inspire people of any gender or age to never give up on their craziest dreams.

History of Rainbowholic Ltd.

Ever since I was young, I’ve always loved things that are kawaii. I dreamed of having a business that involved the kawaii culture because I wanted to share my love and passion, especially in terms of content creation, video creation and blogging. I feel inspired and happy whenever I’m surrounded by cute things especially in tough times. Kawaii culture helps me feel motivated which brought me to Japan. 

Kawaii culture is alive here from mascots, banks, construction fences, cafes, packaging and even transportation — it’s everywhere. Being surrounded by all these cute things give me positive energy and puts a smile on my face. It’s become a form of self-expression either through my art or my fashion style. For me, kawaii is about me being myself and embracing your unique quirks to eventually, sharing that same happiness to other people.

I started journaling when I was younger and I found myself enjoying it even though my resources were limited. When I entered college, I felt very hopeless after my visa application to Japan was rejected so I turned to journaling to write about my dream to set foot in Japan. It was just a form of expression/visualization of my dream which eventually came true!

Now, I aim to promote both kawaii and journaling because these have become a huge part of my life and to others that have been with me since the beginning. There’s now a Kawaii Journaling Community on Facebook and we’re growing with almost three thousand members.

While there are many other content creators out there, what sets me apart is my roots — I’m homegrown, from where I started to where I am now. Of course, a lot of people really encouraged and supported me on this creative journey. When I relaunched the Rainbowholic blog as soon as I moved to Japan, it paved the way for many things for me. A few years ago, I started Journal With Me (Hobonichi With Me), a video series and after just a few months, I already had people asking me where I get my kawaii things from – that’s when the business idea hit me to start a Japanese stationery-centric shop with a focus on kawaii things. After meeting Aki, I grew Rainbowholic and started my Patreon in April 2018. We both quit our full-time and part-time jobs after successfully pooling our own resources together. And finally, on December 2018, we were able to find a workspace which we fondly call the “Rainbowholic Studio“. This was a big milestone for us and we could not thank our patrons for the big help. As the new era, Reiwa began on May 2019, so did the first day of our company.


Chief Executive Officer
Akiyasu Itou

Chief Marketing Officer / Creator
Kaila Ocampo

Our Vision

  • To become a rainbow bridge between Japan and other parts of the world in sharing the kawaii culture
  • To continue inspiring people through content creation
  • To support local revitalization that allows creatives to enjoy work while still doing their hobbies through supporting overseas sales for kawaii handmade items from local folk art and freelance artists

All About Kawaii & Stationery

What is Kawaii?

Kawaii is an evolving culture that transcends through individuals. We believe it has unlimited possibilities. Regardless of gender, age, and or country; everybody can feel, express, and share kawaii-ness. Kawaii is mostly popular in anime and cosplay, but is still developing in other fields. Our mission is to break boundaries, share, and make this culture accessible for everyone — and to showcase it beyond everyone’s expectations.

Kawaii Journaling

Kawaii journaling or just any form of journaling is helpful for people — for me, it’s therapeutic. I can unload my thoughts and it serves as a gift to my future self, to remind me of the things that happen in my life, especially my dreams which are documented in a physical way and not just all in my head. I write down the special and simple moments and the turning points in my life. And every time I read my previous journals, I feel like I can look back to where I started and where I am now.

Japanese Stationery

Japanese stationery is one aspect that contributes to the Kawaii-ness that we want to spread. Not only are they attractive but they’re also very practical — and have helped a lot in shaping my Kawaii journaling.

These stationeries are made with love just as much as people use them — boiling down to the Japanese calligraphy where handwriting is seen as art. So the tools used to create them must also be just as high-quality. They are created with cross-cutting technology but targeted for low-cost consumers, just like you and I. They are also very unique and well-thought of, right down to the type of pen you want to use ranging from thickness to color to style. It’s not just limited to fine ball points but also washi tapes, stickers and notebooks.

Because of how quirky and useful these Japanese stationery can be, it can appeal to anyone, whether you’re a stationery fanatic like me or just looking for the right type of pen or just wanting to get your things organized. Japanese stationery will never disappoint! 

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